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Your wedding

Depending on your confession, it is possible to celebrate your marriage religiously or to organize a secular ceremony.


Reception room

We select exceptional places for you. Villa, Palace, Hotel, Guest house, Riad, Berber tent

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Each wedding is unique, so is yours, and this begins with the choice of the venue. We provide you with exceptional places to visit.

We can do the first interview by phone or meet in Marrakech.

If you decide to trust us, we will accompany you from the arrival of your guests at the airport until their departure.

If you are still hesitant we can offer you different places selected by us.

This selection will be prepared in advance according to your criteria: type of space required, indoor or outdoor, accommodation capacity. . .

We will do our best to guide you according to your priorities, tastes and desires. Once the location has been determined, we will proceed with the choice of the different service providers that we will present to you to build your overall budget.

Thème et décoration

Un thème en particulier ? Une couleur ? 

Ensemble nous réalisons la décoration de vos rêves.

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Theme and decoration

Any particular theme ? A color ? Together we realize the decoration of your dreams

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The reception of your wedding must look like you. Decoration is a key element of the latter.

Simple universe, color theme, country, oriental, we elaborate all this together to give you an idea of what your reception area will look like once decorated.

All your crazy desires are possible: floral decoration, fireworks, rose petals, sounds and lights, tapestries. . .

We can also create unique pieces with local craftsmen.


Picture and video memory 

The big day must be immortalized. Depending on your choice, from photo reporting to the most telling of videos, the photographer will capture these unforgettable moments.

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With professional photographers we will be able to immortalize this already unforgettable day. Shooting/photo sessions, shots taken at the time, will meet your requirements.

We have the service providers to produce wedding books and personalized films

A few days after the wedding we will give you all the photos (retouched if you wish) and you will have the possibility to choose among them.

The cameraman will provide you with the editing.


Wedding dress

It's THE day to wear the most beautiful dress of your life. Whether it is original, modern, eccentric, it is up to you to choose it.

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The dress of your wedding must be the one of your dreams. A designer dress, oriental dress, personalized dress, it must reflect your personality.

We will advise you as best we can.



Animation, the key to a successful marriage. DJ, Gnawa music groups, oriental dancers, fire-eaters. . .

Visual animation is just as important, what could be better than performers during the evening?

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The atmosphere of a wedding is determined by your guests but also by the different activities during the evening. Whether through music (dj, group, musicians...) or entertainment (fantasia, fireworks, jugglers, waders, oriental dancers...)

Depending on the theme you have chosen, we will recommend the most appropriate activities.


Art table

A pretty table is an essential element of the wedding. Let us know what you want and we will make it happen.

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The art of the table requires precision and detail. The setting of your table involves the choice of crockery, silverware and glassware. Different styles will be proposed to you (modern, refined, Moroccan...).

The choice of tables (round, long, square, rectangular...) will determine the setting up of your reception room.

We can then adjust the theme you have chosen to your tables.


Hair / Make-up

We will select professionals to find the makeup and hairstyle that will best match your wedding dress.

Hairdressers, make-up artists, beauticians... Everything for a complete beauty treatment on the day.

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Every bride deserves and dreams of being the most beautiful on her wedding day.

If you already have a precise idea of what you want, our make-up artist/hairdresser will be able to do it. Otherwise, trust our team!

Your family or friends can also benefit from the services of our hairdressers/make-up artists.


Floral Art

Any particular theme? A color?

Together we realize the decoration of your dreams.

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Flowers are the final point, essential to your room decoration.

Floral compositions evolve according to customs and today everything is possible with floral art. From classic white/green to the most extravagant colours.



Assembled piece, French or traditional Moroccan cuisine but also the choice of wines and other alcohols. We choose the best caterers.

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Catering is one of the most difficult choices but also one of the most important. After deciding on the type of cuisine desired (Indian, French, Oriental, culinary or not) a pre-selection of caterers will be made and tastings organised.

In addition to the chosen menu, it is possible to set up stands/bars such as candy bars, culinary workshops and many other possibilities.

The assembled part being the major part of your meal, we will assist you in your choice from a pre-selection made by us.


Rent transport

We find transport to take care of the arrival and departure of your guests.

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To make your entrance as impressive as possible, let your imagination run wild. An entry into a horse-drawn carriage, a limousine, a vintage or oriental car on a palanquin, you must feel like a princess !


For the transport of your guests, a selection of cars (sedans/vans) can be made available to transport your guests from the airport to the reception area or to their hotel.


Bachelorette Party

A desire to stay with friends before the wedding?

Marrakech is the ideal place. Shopping, spas, buggy, camel rides and especially trendy bars and clubs.

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Spend a moment with your friends before saying yes to the one you love. Marrakech seems to be the ideal destination.

We will install you in a private villa with a swimming pool and fireplace for winter evenings.

The program of your days will be pre-established according to your wishes, shopping day, spa, cosy places or night bar, desert excursions, cultural visits...


In that case, pack your bags, you're going to Marrakech!

Organizing a bachelorette party in Marrakech means enjoying the sun all year round and the bewitching light.

Stay in touch

French number : +33 689 238 613

Morrocan Number : +212 687 891 857

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